I love weekends

24 Feb

.hmmessage P {margin:0px;padding:0px;} body.hmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;} Typical, just posted last blog update, and missed loads out!  While we were deciding where to spend friday afternoon, I’d been looking at various sites, one of which came up with a page with a picture of Henry VIII in the background.  E was looking over my shoulder and asked who it was.  This led to an off the cuff description of the man and his wives from me – eek!  We went off to find E’s encyclopedia to see if it said anything helpful, and found lots of information on our current monarchy too.  For the rest of the day we had random discussions about Henry VIII and weirdly kept seeing references to him everywhere, we drove past a pub with his picture outside!

saturday was a sorting out day, clearing out under our stairs ready to store things for impending baby arrival, tidying playroom (again!), shelving out garage and general tidying.

Sunday was fun, Had a delicious pork roast dinner with friends in return for a husband loan, later we acquired some pygmy catfish to help eat the algae in our tank, the girls chose some pretty primroses for the front garden – I even managed to persuade E not to choose solely pink ones, claiming we needed some boy colours for the baby…!!

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