Fantastic Friday

21 Feb

Friday was a fantastic day.  It was our 6th wedding anniversary, so B had taken the day off work so we could a fab family day together.  We started off going swimming, so the girls could show off their new-found skills.  B took H off to the big pool to see what she thought, as usually we stick to the baby pools.  She loved it, and considering she only realised she could float around last week, she was refusing to let us hold onto her as she floated and kicked about.  E had a go in the big pool too, but wasn’t as keen. Considering how long its taken me to get her confident in the water I was worried that B might put her off, but we moved back to the little pool, and she was fine.  She even tried out the slide again.

We met a friend of E’s from school at the pool, as it was half term.  Her mum was asking if we’d moved away as she had noticed that E wasn’t at school anymore.  Her daughter had been asking if E could come to her birthday party, but they hadn’t known how to get in contact with us, so we have an invite now!!  That was really sweet, and lovely for E!

After lunch we decided to go somewhere new, and headed to some beautiful gardens which were covered in a carpet of snowdrops – it was beautiful, but hard work, too many steep bits for my liking 😉  E had a brilliant time, choosing which path we were going to take at each fork, and taking one path, while we took another. 

After all that exercise, both kids collapsed into bed nice and early, and we got to enjoy our romantic evening meal – fish and chips!!

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