thank goodness its friday tomorrow!

19 Feb

Yesterday was spent socialising, in the morning with 2 families, and the afternoon with 2 other families.  Exhausting!  We managed to eat an enormous amount of homemade chocolate muffins, and keep arguments to a minimum, all in all a successful day 😉

We spent the morning today visiting family, who live in the sticks so have a menangerie of animals to meet.  Scrumpy the golden retriever scares H out of her wits, there are 2 cats (urghh!), a goat called Dougal, and at the top of the lane 2 friendly donkeys!  The girls had a fab time (apart from the screaming from H everytime the dog came anywhere near her), and I got a bit of a break!  Bonus! E did a beautiful picture of what was apparently a mermaid, and wrote her name across it, and her age.  This worked beautifully as the family members concerned aren’t quite bought into the whole HE thing…  I’d stupidly said that I was more than happy with her learning since withdrawing from school, and she was even teaching herself to read – ok its 7 words, but hey!! –  so they got a little princess book out to read with her, and said she could read the words she knew…nothing like testing a 4 yr old…!

We had to get back for a midwife appointment, which the girls both find fascinating.  E was disappointed there was no blood drawn this time!!  We had a delightful discussion in the car on the way home about how syringes take blood out of your arm, so this was duly re-enacted using a paintbrush on my arm when we got home, with E describing in detail what she was doing!

We had to nip to the aquarium shop to get some fish food, stared at all the fancy fish, and had a wander round the garden centre next door, which the girls always love.

We returned, exhausted at the end of the afternoon, and i collapsed on the sofa in the playroom, and E set about playing a boardgame with me, and H played with the russian dolls – endless fascination!!

B got back home from work at a reasonable time, and the rest of the evening has been one long tickling and play-fighting game until they collapsed into bed!  Aren’t Dad’s great?!

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