Tuesday – anyone would think we were having a baby soon…

17 Feb

We’ve been busy bees today.  E was desperate to do more ‘sports’ today, which involved being outside as much as possible.  Her poor bike was wheeled out yet again (3 days in a row – it’ll keel over from the shock!), and she rode around.  H wasn’t as sure about the outside malarkey, but did eventually join in on her scooter.  This evolved into ball games before I decided I couldn’t be doing with standing up any longer! 

We read the home birth book several more times, and E asked lots more questions, and H even showed an interest, she loved the picture of the new baby.

We tidied the playroom, collecting stuff from all over the house that belonged in there too, or rather I did, while E and H did some colouring.  They then set about playing with everything that was now accessible – H chose dolls, E chose our wooden fort and soldiers, which she played for ages, then moved onto our Happyland set, and setup shops, a farm and a building site, and ferried a family round in a horse and cart between the farmhouse and the shops!  It was all very involved!!

We then decided to get on with sorting the baby clothes I’ve been collecting, E has been desperate to do for ages.  We had a fun time, sorting them into age piles, deciding if they were cute or not, and whether they were a bit too girly! 

Earlier E presented me with a note saying her name and ‘Mummy’ written underneath it – so I will add that to the list of words she can read/write.  Then at lunch, she went to get a drink and read the words on the fridge: ‘open’ and ‘lock’.  She read the letters, sounded them out, then read the words!!  Literacy lesson for the day!  2 more words for the list!

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