Monday mayhem

16 Feb

Ok, I could spend all my time trying to catch up on last week’s blog, but I give up, it has all blurred into one!

Today, I was having a nice chilled morning, so chilled that E had got herself and H breakfast themselves – oops!!  I’d just finished putting away lots of washing when I got a call saying I obviously hadn’t got the text to meet at our friend’s house in the morning – oops!  So we got going and spent a fab morning with 3 other families.  It was such a beautiful day the kids got to spend all morning outside running round like loonies!  We came home for lunch, and E spent the whole time asking when she could go back outside again!  E rode around on her bike, and H worked out how to  use a scooter then we headed to our local park.  E rode mostly but did a couple of runs down the slide, H was on full monkey form and climbed up and across everything, even stuff she hadn’t tried before, took her doggy down the slide, handed out tickets and ice creams on the play train and tried out all the swings.  It all ended in disaster when she did one monkey trick too far, and I ended up carrying a distraught H and her scooter all the way home!

The rest of the afternoon was comparatively quiet!  We had some nice cuddling time, and I got to read a story about home birth to E in an attempt to prepare her for forthcoming events!  This has provoked lots of questions, so we will see where they lead over the next few days!!

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