Monday muffins

14 Feb

I wasn’t sure what we were going to achieve with the day, but attempted to make a good start by getting myself up and dressed by reasonable time (!!), and set about keeping myself busy. E finally caught up with me putting stickers onto all the storage boxes in the playroom. I had written the contents on the side of each box, and my attempt at a little picture of the contents too. E went round trying to guess what was in each box, just going from the label and picture, and she did pretty well, so my drawing maybe isn’t as bad it could be!! She then asked if she could write one. I suggested she do one for the paints box. She started with a picture of a paint pot, then started on the word ‘paint’. I started to ask what letter it began with, but E quickly retorted ‘P mummy, I’m already doing it’! The ‘A’ was more tricky as she’s not quite got them yet, but I got her to find the letter on her new letter frieze, and said there was a big ‘A’ and little ‘a’ and she could choose which she used, she choose the capital. Then she did the ‘i’ in lower case, as its in her name, so she knows it well, then she did an ‘m’, rather than an ‘n’. We found the ‘n’ on the frieze and she realised her mistake, and corrected it, then I asked her to find the ‘t’, but she’d already written it!! The end result was amazing, it was really neat and clear!! Very impressed!

Later in the morning, some friends came over, and we made chocolate muffins, and the big girls took turns stirring and measuring everything. The end result was delicious!! They can definitely make them again!

The afternoon was a lesson in sorting out 4 yr old squabbles! I failed miserably at my attempts to calm them down, but luckily there were others around who were better equipped at distraction techniques, and eventually everyone was playing happily – not bad for 8 children in one house – talk about outnumbered!!!

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