Month 2 – i’ve lost track of days already!

06 Feb

More snow today! B for some reason decided not to go to work, and instead dragged us all out for ‘fun’ in the snow!! He was desperate to find a local hill he could throw himself down while attached to his beloved snowboard. He found one, and is very pleased with himself! The girls really didn’t share his enthusiasm!

We built a snow-mound (it never really made it to snowman status!) and had a couple of slides down the slope on our waterproof buggy cover and then trudged back across the beautiful blank snow.

Before we got to ‘enjoy’ the snow, E had been desperate to show B all the things we made yesterday including the earrings she had made and the tissue paper pictures. This led to her doing a load more of them, and a particularly amusing one of B! We have said we’re going to buy more crepe paper so she can experiment with colours other than blue!

We met up with friends for lunch, and the kids got to play while we got to sit still and recover for a while. My friend C and I then escaped to visit a beautiful new baby – ok, so small babies aren’t so bad, I’m still ignoring the fact I’ve got one coming in about 6 weeks or so – eek…head in sand time!!

Sainsbury’s wimped out of delivering my shopping this morning, so we had to go to them – I remember why I stopped doing my shopping myself now! Hell on earth with 2 children in tow!!

This evening turned into a bit of a book-fest, which was annoying as it would have been nice if they went to bed on time for once! E started by reading us a book she hasn’t read for ages. She had remembered all the names of the characters and pretty much the story word for word. I then read one of E’s new books to them both. I chose it originally because it was about a princess and was apparently sparkly from the description. All the illustrations have detail with a rough texture which are also sparkly. E had to keep running her fingers over the pictures while I read!

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