05 Feb

Today we woke up yet again to a white-out – fab!! The girls took a lot of convincing, but I eventually managed to chuck them outside. H pottered about picking up snow, but quickly decided it was cold and went back inside and watched with her nose pressed against the window! E and I set about building a snowman, we quickly ditched our soggy woollen gloves and decided that oven gloves were much better for the job! Our snowman has stones for eyes, a mushroom nose, a pink drinking straw for a pipe and one stick for an arm. E then went round the garden checking various pots and buckets for ice. She was intrigued to find some, but when she touched it, it moved. This led to a discussion about ice floating on water, and later led on to a discussion about ice skating, and what if the ice cracked and you fell in. I explained about indoor ice rinks, and E comforted herself that if the ice cracked there, at least there would be a floor underneath, she wouldn’t just fall in the water!

The excitement of snow didn’t really seem to be important to either of the girls today. We had planned to go swimming, but I was hoping to change the plans considering the weather, but E was having none of it, so once the obligatory snowman was built I was forced out! The roads were clear of snow and traffic! When we got to the pool we found that we, unsurprisingly, were the only ones there! We had the place to ourselves, with 4 lifeguards too…slight overkill?! E decided we were going to have swimming lessons, and went on and taught herself to swim!! I was absolutely stunned. She started off swimming from about 2 paces away from me, but gradually worked her way back from me, and then swam between obstacles, chased our swim toy, and then decided to try it on her back! Her kicking is really good, I just need to find a way to work on her arm movements!

While we were getting changed we had a conversation about what the moon is made of, what is there and who lives there. Then about stars, leading to the sun is a star and each star in the sky has its own system of planets around it…considered silence followed.

Due to the playroom reorg, E has discovered my stash of rainy day craft things. When we got home, E set to doing today’s discovery, which was ‘shrinkles’, which are these plastic pictures you colour in then put in the oven to shrink and harden, then make into magnets/keyrings or whatever. So E set about making some clip-on earrings with pictures of princesses on. I made a mermaid picture into a keyring. E didn’t appreciate her lovely princesses shrinking to such tiny proportions, so although she coloured in a few more I wasn’t allowed to cook them! H was ‘allowed’ to have one of the pictures of a queen, which she duly scribbled in green, and announced she had finished her robot!!

E then noticed the tissue paper picture H had made yesterday by painting water on it to make the colour run, and wanted to have another try, so we tried various colours, and discovered that crepe paper colour runs the best, our tissue paper, on closer inspection of packaging says ‘acid and bleed free’ which explains why the colour doesn’t run well! E cut lots of crepe paper and laid it on her white paper and made some really fab patterns. Then she went to choose some coloured paper instead of white, and did the same. She then came up with an idea to use some wooden shapes we have, and we experimented and worked out we could cover them in the wet crepe paper, and use them as stamps. Clever girl!

My random book buying stash arrived in the post today, which was my heavily disguised (!!) attempt at getting E interested in books again, which actually she has recently of her own accord, so maybe I didn’t need to get so worried! Anyway, she is very thrilled with her new books, and even allowed me to read one to her. H got a little dinosaur book all of her own, so she is very happy!

Later on, E decided to have a teddy bear’s picnic, which seemed to go well, she makes a good hostess 😉 Afterwards I was downstairs making tea, and I heard E telling me she was going to do the washing up, and the water was running for quite a while, so came up to see what she was doing. We had a quick chat about water conservation, and I explained that putting the plug in and washing all the plates like that would be better?! Anyway, ages later she called down to say she’d finished but her t-shirt was soaking!

E had a good play on Cbeebies too, but this time used our old computer, rather than the laptop, so was using the mouse. We haven’t used it for ages, so it was a bit of a learning curve her, and she got a bit frustrated trying to colour something in using the mouse! More practise needed methinks!

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