Day 31 – does that mean I’ve done a month now?!

04 Feb

The morning was a bit up and down. E had lots of ideas if things she wanted to do, but struggled with putting them into practise.

She started by requesting some tissue paper to make High School Musical. She has no idea what HSM is really, so I tried to get her to tell me what it was she wanted to make, which she couldn’t, so I suggested she could make people. She set about rolling up bits of tissue paper for the head, and got me to do the same, then went off track and ended up just gluing strips of tissue paper to other bits to make different shapes. H joined in with this, and had a fab time wielding her pritt stick!

Then E raided my craft drawer and cut bits of felt up and stuck them together, but they didn’t stick well, so they were abandoned.

Then E remembered something from DoodleDo where they painted water over tissue paper so the colour ran onto the paper underneath to make a pattern. E duly tried this out with yellow tissue paper, but it didn’t really show up on her white paper. I got her out some blue tissue paper, but this time she became frustrated when the tissue paper got a hole in it, so she abandoned the whole thing! H saw her chance and took over the project, and spent a happy time painting too much water over lots of tissue paper, and the blue paper worked very well indeed! This kept her happy for ages, I’m constantly amazed at her concentration span, particularly when I’m used to E who can’t concentrate on one thing for more than a millisecond!

We played Twister for a bit, but it was a one-sided game, as I’m in no state to be playing games like that, so E did all the moving and I just span the board and told her where to go next. She thinks the game is really funny, and generally just sat in the middle of the mat giggling when she couldn’t cope with twisting her left leg under her right arm!

We also decided to give her beloved crabby (a soft toy) a bath, as it had been pointed out by several people recently how disgustingly dirty he is looking, so we set about scrubbing him with an old toothbrush, and some soap. He’s come up pretty well, but took on a bit too much water than was good for him, so he has spent the day recovering in the airing cupboard.

We spent the afternoon at a local HE group, which gave the girls lots of exercise, and they played with lots of friends, and I ate too many biscuits. I got completely lost on the way home, which E always finds amusing. I got a sage ‘oh dear mummy, I think you need to go back and start again’ from the back seat! By the time we got home they were both out for the count, so I duly took photos to send to B on his mobile!! If I could work out how to load them on here I would!! H was wearing a huge pompom hat, which had fallen down over her eyes, they looked a right pair!

E came up with quite a few interesting questions during tea, which led on from a conversation during breakfast, which is often the way! She is currently concerned with questions about the world being round. So recently she has asked how you can have straight roads, and also if people on the other side of the world are upside down. These questions are more alarming for her as my brother is currently in Australia, so all questions end up referencing what he’s doing. We have talked about the snow here, and how it is very hot and sunny where he is, so today over our tinned peaches, she asked how they were made! We talked about peaches growing in places warmer thanwhere we are, so that automatically meant australia! I have sent my brother an email asking if he does indeed have peaches growing near him?! I’m sure peach orchards are all the rage in the middle of urban Sydney?! In the morning I did manage to squeeze in an ounce of science by digging out a picture of the earth in sunlight, showing one half in darkness, and saying that it was first thing in the morning for us, so what did she think her uncle was doing, and she said going to bed, so she is understanding it all. I now need to find better pictures, and a way of explaining seasons. I can see myself standing with a torch shining at a balloon at this point!

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