day 29 – ???

02 Feb

The day started well with us all waking up to snow! Not enough for my liking, but some at least!! H slept in so E could have lots of attention from me and we got lots done. We started by getting the numberline up on the wall – finally! I think she definitely gets the numbers 0-9 forwards, backwards and inside out.

We played her favourite ‘Tooth Fairy Game’ she got for christmas, which has all sorts of fancy rules, but E likes the fact that the bed magically changes plastic teeth into ‘golden’ coins. She then helped me take the photos that I’ve been posting all over this blog!

After lunch we had grand plans of walking to the library with friends in the snow, but we only made it 2 minutes up the road before we decided we’d done enough snow playing, and the kids ran around for a few minutes making patterns in the snow, and we headed home! B had come home early from work too so helped with all the soggy children who piled through the door! We warmed up quickly, and I used the time while kids were distracted to put all my new ikea purchases to good use, so spent a happy time reorganising the playroom further, and chucking out loads of unneeded baby toys. Fun fun!

The kids amused themselves with chalk drawings, kerplunk, dressing up, dvds (this always requires great diplomacy as H won’t let anything except her favourite DVD to be played – currently borrowed disney Dinosaurs movie – even though she’s not actually watching, or even in the room!), amusing friend’s baby, running around screaming, sticking pictures involving lots of stickiness and sparkly things, and general demands for juice and biscuits!!

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