Day 27 – discoveries

31 Jan

We’ve been reorganising our playroom, we did lots of furniture moving last night while the kids were in bed, so this morning E came down and discovered all the changes. She absolutely loved it, and set about revisiting all our long forgotten toys and games: stickle bricks, duplo, floor puzzles, dressing up among others. This kept her busy for a decent amount of time!!

Later on I was telling B about a game E had come up with the other day, so she ran off to get an exercise mat to re-enact the ‘hop, skip and jump’ game. This involves her zipping up and down the room first with a forward roll, then hopping back and forth, then star jumping, then skipping. This continues until she flops down exhausted with a big smile on her face!

We also had lots of revisiting other games we’ve played recently, including more sounding-out of word games – she is really enjoying this! And also, randomly she asked why we hadn’t finished our pompom (she hasn’t touched it for about 3 weeks!). I’ll try and fish this out during the week and get it finished finally.

The afternoon was taken up with cooking. E helped B make a chicken stew, and then E decided that we needed to make biscuits with icing on, so I had to google for a suitable recipe and we now have a tin of yummy biscuits with pink icing on, and decorated with hundreds and thousands!

H went to bed early as she’d been running a temp on and off all day, E was left still full of energy and suddenly showed an interest in the numberline that’s been lying half finished for ages. So in one sitting, we finished the whole thing!!

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