day 25 – maths, numbers and things

30 Jan

We had decided to go into town today to try out the storytime at Waterstone’s in town. Unfortunately we found out that it was cancelled after we’d got ourselves all psyched up for the bus ride, so we went anyway! As we stepped out of the front door we met a friend who was walking in the same direction so were having a natter on the way to the bus stop. She didn’t know we were home edding, so she was asking various questions about it. E’s ears perked up and she said a few very interesting things. When asked if we were thinking of putting her back into school at some point, E said that she would go back to try out one of the other big school classes (as she understands that there is a yr1,2,3, etc class too), but then said that she didn’t want to go afterall as the food was yucky! Then when I was being asked whether H would be going to school when the time came, E really reacted, and got upset at the idea of H having to go to school. In her words ‘she won’t be like me and be able to play all day’! By the end of the conversation E had stated that she didn’t want to go back to school at all. This is the first time that she has ever said this in such a straight-out way. We’ve talked about school alot, but mostly just talking about things that she did or said or saw while there.

As we were walking along, we played a game involving E reading all the door numbers. Her recognition of 0-9 is fab, as I already knew its just 2 digit ones we need to start working on! The bus journey was fun, pointing out lots of things on the way, and then we had even more fun as we met a friend at Costa’s and bought yummy hot chocolates with a pile of marshmallows to keep the kids happy while we enjoyed!! We then nipped to Waterstone’s to pick a replacement reading book for E as she somehow managed to destroy the one she had. I’m still not decided about whether it was a worthwhile purchase – it is an attempt to get E interested in enjoying books, but the story is so simplified because it is a ladybird early reader one that the story isn’t really good enough to keep her interest. I need a rethink! H likes it though!

When we came to get the bus back I asked E to look out for the bus with a number 14 on it, and explained that this meant having a 1 and a 4 on the front. We had to wait a while so had time to compare the other bus numbers with 1 and 4.

When we got back we had lunch then chilled a bit. We had to nip out to the supermarket, and also go to the sorting office to pick up a parcel which I thought was my random online purchase for H, but turned out to be 2 parcels. 1 I had ordered for H, a russian doll in the shape of a penguin to stop her playing with E’s! The other was my timer I had ordered to help with my flylady attempts and to help with my random ‘right in 5 minutes we are going to bed’ decrees, which never work as I always lose track of time!! I ummed and ahhhed about whether to go for a digi one, or a manual one with a dial, and I eventually plonked for the manual one under the auspices of it being more ‘educational’?!! Anyway, E adopted the timer, and spent the rest of the afternoon timing everything. It took her a while to get the idea, as I said that daddy would be home soon, so she set the timer for 10 minutes which was when daddy would be back apparently…!! At bed-time we said that there was 15 mins left of cbeebies, then we would be going upstairs to bed, so E ran off to get the timer. I called after her to see if she knew what 15 looked like, a 1 and a 5, and she said ‘ok’, and when she came back she’d done it perfectly!!

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