day 22/23/24

28 Jan

This week I feel as if we haven’t achieved very much this week. I’ve spent most of the time out of the house at friends’ to escape having to think of things to do! H isn’t 100% at the moment as fighting a coldy thing so is quite tired and clingy. E was tired at the beginning of the week because of the weekends excitements, but is slowly getting over it!

I’ve been thinking through the things we have been doing, and actually we have been doing bits and pieces, but because its all unplanned I forget what we’ve done very quickly as I haven’t been writing it down during the day!

We’ve been doing a bit more of our numberline, in that the numbers are now covered in glitter and have been cut out!! E has been playing with playdough, dressing up loads, playing with dolls, and today bought out our ancient wooden fort, and kept asking who were the good ones and the bad ones, as she lined up the soldiers!!

She has played a couple of games on education city, but has declared it ‘boring’, and immediately asked to play on Cbeebies website, so think we are going to give that a break for a bit, and not subscribe just yet. I’ve found several free maths and literacy sites, so we can play with them now and then until she gets an interest.

We’ve had several discussions about words and how they are made up. E pointed to a sign as we turned into where we live, that had a picture of a cow, and said ‘thinking of mooooving?’ – hilarious!! Anyway we talked about the joke, then what made the ‘oo’ sound in ‘moo’.

E is gradually adding to her list of words she can recognise. So far, the list is: her own name, H’s name, to (from being forced to write too many cards!!), tesco and disney – think the latter 2 are a sad reflection on my parenting!! During the past week I have noticed that where I’ve started to sound out a word she may recognise, she has guessed it before I’ve finished, so slowly things are going into that brain of hers without much effort on my part.

I’ve been reading loads of HE-relevant books recently. This week’s borrowed tome is ‘Read with me-an apprenticeship approach’ by Liz Waterland. I’ve only got through the first couple of chapters, but it really making sense. I have been put off the regular reading schemes following the experience with school, and I really couldn’t see how it could be made to work. Anyway, the book talks about children learning to read the same they learned speak, total immersion in language. That when children learn to speak you expect some words to be confused and mispronounced, and unclear. E still has problems saying ‘spaghetti’!! Yet when learning to read, if a child can’t read a sentence, they are seen as not being able to read yet. The book talks about the adult reader acting as a mentor to the child, letting them choose books that are of interest to them, and then reading for them until the child is ready to take over gradually. Just as I have seen E to over the past 4 years, go from a child enjoying a picture book, to one who can read verbatim the whole story, even though she can’t *actually* read, but now is gradually recognising words on a page, and how they then fit in with the story she knows so well. We’ve lost our love of reading together over the last few months, so that is my target for the next week or so – slowly reintroducing enjoyment of books together whatever time of day suits us.

H is loving books at the moment, and now patiently lets me read them, before taking the book and ‘reading’ it to me!! She is more than happy to ‘read’ one of my own books and substituting her own ‘peter rabbit’ story!!

With numbers, I have been worried about E’s counting being a bit stilted, but again this week she has done lots to surprise me. I asked her to ‘give me 5’ the other day, and she went to slap my hand, but only held up 4 fingers. I laughed and pointed this out, so we turned into a game where I said give me 6, then 4, then 3, then 10 etc, and she slapped me with the right number of fingers each time, without having to resort to counting them out first – wow!! Big improvment!

I’m feeling a bit better about our quiet couple of days now!!

We went to our local home ed group this afternoon, and after being initially awkward, and needing me to follow her around from activity to activity, she soon disappeared and was playing with lots of children of all different ages. Her close friends even left the group early, and she still carried on playing with all the others – I was really impressed, and glad she’s making friends outside of school!!

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