day 20 – missing the noise!

24 Jan

Today has been very chilled out, though I am definitely missing the noise induced from 2 siblings! Though tomorrow I will have changed my mind!!

E rang at 8.30 this morning, which got us out of bed at least, and H and E had a really cute conversation – they are really missing eachother. Its brought back memories of last term when E was at school, and H would wander around the house looking a bit lost!

H has been having great fun pottering about. Last night I was serenaded by her plonking on the keyboard ‘singing’ “princess feenona music, donkey music, shrek music” at the top of her voice. This morning she did a bit more of that, we played Elefun, kissed dinosaurs, pretended to be dragons/princess fiona/dinosaurs, played with E’s russian doll (don’t tell E!!!), did lots of reading, jumping, reading and jumping together, sang nursery rhymes that required more jumping.

She finally tired herself out, so I caught the bus into town and went shopping with her asleep in the buggy – how easy is it with just one child, particularly an asleep one?!! She eventually woke up for lunch at around 3.30 (!!) then we got the bus back. H thought this was really good fun – she is almost always asleep when we get the bus, so it was a novelty for her! She kept telling the bus to go faster – she’s going to be a basejumper or something scary when she’s older! She then walked all the way home from the bus stop which is pretty good for her. We had lots of ‘who’s that?’ ‘what’s that?’ ‘what’s that noise?’, and even more ‘run, mummy, run’.

At home, I spent a bit of time on Education City, as we are on an extended trial, but E isn’t that interested, so I had a bit of an explore to see if I could help direct her to more fun/attention grabbing games on it. H was most interested and came to watch over my shoulder!

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