day 19 – peace and quiet!

23 Jan

This morning I actually got myself going at a reasonable time, and got to spend some time with E before H woke up. I managed to get most of the house vaguely presentable and sitting room 1/3 hoovered before a friend came over with her little boy, the same age as H. She is *very* pregnant, and due to have her 2nd son any day now – fingers crossed!!

E duly showed her round her ‘new’ playroom and the wall with all her pictures on, and also the body that we made yesterday. I found the discarded ‘brain’ on the floor and had a recap with E about where she thought it might go on the body picture. She again tried to put it above the head outline, so I tried to explain the layering of eyes, nose etc on the front of her face, but pointed to the rest of her head which is where her brain is. We decided to cut out a face shape, to stick as a ‘flap’ on the front, onto which she drew eyes, nose and mouth, and then behind, on the body outline, she stuck the brain. This seemed to make much more sense to her, so I was happy that we had done that, as I had been wondering when we would go back to it!

H had a fab time pottering about with her friend, who has a matching, if not slightly more obsessive, interest in trains, so they played with that, and her Elefun game, which spurts butterflies from an elephant’s trunk that you have to catch in a net.

My shopping then arrived, so had a great moment with all 3 children stood watching everything coming out of bags and into cupboards with great interest. H’s friend picked on a melon he really wanted, so they had a slice of that each, and E was delighted with my random cereal choice for the week: rice crispies. She decided then and there she would make ‘snowballs’ as per Cbeebies – it really is subliminal messages for children!! She had a happy time mixing chocolate and crispies – who wouldn’t! – and an even happier time licking the bowl 😉

Our friends left, and we tucked into a really nice lunch, which the kids devoured, and then we set about packing a case for E who is off on adventures!! She is going with her Dad to see the grandparents up North, as they have snow apparently. B has recently got into snowboarding, and usually has to make do with our local dry slope, so he has turned into a small child at the thought of real snow to go boarding on!!

They left this evening, so H and I have a whole weekend to ourselves – oh the bliss!!!

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