day 18 – all sorts

22 Jan

Today was another slow starter. I think I was putting off waking up until I could go to bed again! I realised as I was going to bed last night that I hadn’t got anyone to cover our baby group yet, so I would have to go again with 2 kids in tow. Had a bit of a stress, but actually it turned out to be a good session, with all the regular mums there, with an antenatal class turning up too to check out the group for the first time. Plus we had a speaker, from our area Parent and Toddler Association, who was absolutely lovely.

She was chatting to me, and asked the inevitable ‘so how old is your daughter? 4? Does she start school in september?’. I took a deep breath and explained very briefly that she had been to school, and now we were home educating. I don’t know what reaction I was steeling myself for, but I was pleasantly surprised, as she told me a friend of hers had taken her children out of school at 11 yrs. She obviously didn’t have much of a grasp on home ed (listen to me, the expert!!), as she asked questions like how do we do SATs from home, and is it possible to opt out etc. Then started saying I should request a copy of the curriculum on dvd so I can see what to aim for by the end of foundation stage…I couldn’t bring myself to tell her I was doing my best to avoid the foundation stage curriculum!!

But once we’d got over those hiccups she came out with some really interesting ideas – she’d seen a group drawing a picture on a piece of paper e.g. a rocket, then putting it in a plastic wallet, and ‘colouring’ in the outline with chocolate, which they could then peel off and admire (or more likely eat!!). She then said that you could use the same idea in drawing a number ‘3’, then ‘painting’ the chocolate on to practise the direction you need to draw to form the number – iyswim! Anyway, she came out with a stream of these ideas!! Later on I was moaning about how much I’d spent in hobbycraft on all the stuff for E to make things with, and she produced a flyer on the Gloucestershire Resource Centre where you can become a member and have access to their Scrapstore, apparently there are 100 round the country. I can go and fill a trolley full of craft stuff for under £10! Plus they have a subsidised art and craft shop, which she reckoned would be cheaper than hobbycraft.

That’s given me something to explore at some point!

I had to rush home, as baby group finishes at 1pm, and I had been totally disorganised and not bought a packed lunch for the girls, let alone a nappy bag!! Luckily I obviously looked stressed enough to make the regular mums club together and make a rota to run the group for the next couple of months – phew!!

We had friends due over after lunch, and they came armed with an ‘educational’ activity! We drew each of the kids on a roll of paper, then my friend C (check me with my links!) artistically cut out some organs to stick on them as the girls thought of each: stomach, heart, lungs, bladder, bone. They then said ‘brain’, which was duly created, but each of them got stuck on where it went. They all understood it was in their head, but each put it outside the outline of the head, somewhere in the hair! We tried to explain that it had to go inside their head, and that’s where the game broke down as E got very frustrated trying to understand that you could fit more in your head than just what you could see from the outside e.g. eyes, nose etc. Think I need to dig out a decent picture and talk about it another time!! The big ones spent the rest of the afternoon playing their own random games, generally involving them all ending up in pyjamas…?! H and her friend played their own games with megablocks, and reading books, and of course playing with dinosaurs!

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