day 17 – much better day

21 Jan

I was determined to do something productive today after such a rubbish day yesterday! I spent some time in the morning printing of numbers 0-9 from a bbc website which E could then colour in for a numberline to put on the wall. The plan is then to stick the relevant number of somethings (i’m not sure what yet!) next to each number e.g. six gold stars next to the number 6 etc. The numbers I’ve printed also have the word next to them, so some word recognition thrown in too! E spent what time we had left of the morning painting each number, which she did in record time! The plan is to add ‘sparkles’ to each one tomorrow – a necessity in E’s world, everything must be sparkly!! Then I need to have a think about what we are going to stick on with each number. Once all that’s done, I want to start on 10-20, as E has no idea what these numbers look like.

H spent a happy time painting some colouring pages I took out of one of her activity books. She did a good job, and even did a fab stipple effect on one of them – though I’m sure she couldn’t replicate it if she tried!!

I then had to make a quick lunch as we had to dash off to an unoffical HE meet at a soft play about 30 minutes away. Halfway through lunch E exclaimed that it was a really yummy lunch!! Not something she usually comes out with!! I obviously did something right for once!

Soft play was really good fun – not that I did much, I played the pregnancy card and just watched from the sidelines 😉 E surprised me by getting into it all straightaway, it helped have several of her friends there already settled in. I remember the days when she used to be terrified of places like that. H as usual loved it all, and was still wanting to carry on 2 1/2 hours later when we wanted to leave! There were a couple of times I lost sight of her, so went round trying to spot her, only to see her flying down one of the super-giant slides at break-neck speed, generally head first!

I also got a chance to chat briefly to some other HE mums, a couple of whom had children who had been in school for a similar length of time E had, with similar reactions – they could identify with the type of questions E would ask the night before a school day:
E – ‘what are we doing tomorrow, mummy?’
Me – ‘ummm….School…?’
Cue 4 yr old stressing and worrying about the following school day.
It was good to hear how happy their children were now, and how much they had blossomed since coming out of school.

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