Day 15 – family time

19 Jan

We had lots of plans for today, but not many of them happened in the end, but we still had a fab day. It started off slow, as I was rubbish at getting myself going as usual! E had been nosing through the craft book I bought at the weekend, so wanted to get started on ‘pipecleaner bugs’! I was just steeling myself for a craft session when a friend contact me to see if we free to distract her children! We took our pipecleaner bug stuff to her house, so the kids made hairy spiders and beautiful ladybirds together. We then had a very healthy lunch provided by their chickens (which are poulets, apparently, not hens until they are a year old – see I was listening!) of boiled eggs for the kids, and omelettes for the adults – yum. The kids cleared their plates completely – almost unheard of!!

Unexpectedly I had a call from B saying he had finished for the day at lunchtime, so was on his way home, but had forgotten his house key – men! E was invited to stay and play with her friends, while I took H to meet him and have some time on our own – what’s that again?! We were wracking our brains for something worthwhile to do with our time, and ended up going to our local tent shop (yes I know…!) deciding on what we should replace our current one with for this year’s planned trips. Exciting stuff!

We then went to retrieve E, and took chocolate cake to say thank you!! Between us all, the cake didn’t last long 😉 E was absolutely exhausted by the time we got home!!

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