day 14 – deeply potty

18 Jan

Finally, nearly 2 weeks since E first asking how her china breakfast bowl was made, we finally made it to a local pottery. We just went to check it out, and had assumed it would be something I would go back to during the week with the kids on my own. When we arrived we were the only ones there, so got 1:1 attention from the potter who offered to let E throw a pot with her. It took a little while for E to build her confidence up, but the lady was brilliant and getting her to open up and talk, and before we knew it she’s made a fab bowl. Because we were the only ones there, she asked if E would like to make another one, and off they went, this time producing a vase, which went a bit wobbly at the top, but instead of correcting it, the potter decided it actually looked fab as it was! They’re going to fire and glaze them for us, and we get to go and collect them in about 4 weeks. The alternative was bringing them home as they were, letting them air dry and watching them slowly turn to dust 😦 Luckily E could see the long term view and we’ll see them in their finished glory in a few weeks!

Meanwhile, H had touched pretty much everything in the place, so to prevent her from destroying everything, we set her painting. I asked what she’d like to paint, and she stopped next to a bowl that was taller than she was!! I changed tack, and pointed her towards some little things: a butterfly, caterpillar, snail and a dinosaur!! Strangely enough she picked a dinosaur! She went through pretty much every colour they had, so it is going to be a very technicolour dinosaur! E finished her potting, and wanted to join in the painting fun. We had to talk her down from a huge elephant, to a smaller piggy bank, and she set about painting it all over in pink, then decorating with a yellow and purple flower design. It looked really fab when she’d finished!!

We had to dash back as B had arranged to pick up a futon that he’d found on freecycle – yessss! Have been desperate for one in the playroom, so I can sit comfortably in there with them while they play, rather than dragging all their toys up to the sitting room!! I like my creature comforts 😉 We spent the rest of the afternoon sorting the playroom out, and re-organising it to fit the new layout! E showed me what a dab hand with a broom she was, and she swept the whole room on her own, she’d obviously been paying attention all this time!!

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