day 13 – dinosaur fever

17 Jan

I was eating my breakfast this morning in peace and quiet when E came running in talking very quickly about smoothies, big cook little cook, bananas and recipe books. Early morning tv giving her ideas again – tsk! I went to look on the website to see what I was letting myself in for, and was surprised to find an easy recipe with straight-forward ingredients. We set to mashing bananas, squeezing yoghurt and pouring honey, and found cups to put it in. Then to finish it off I was required to draw a picture of a pig, cut it out and stick it to one side of the glass, and construct a curly tail for the other side! I found some straws to complete the look 😉 I then followed E up as she went to surprise her Dad with a yummy smoothie – lucky him! It turned out to be totally delicious – so can heartily recommend BCLC ‘Farmyard Smoothie’ recipe!! E never eats fruit, so it is a good find for us!

We had to go into town in the morning for a bank review (blah!), so promised the girls we would go to the city museum first, which has a display about dinosaurs which we thought would be of interest to H and her love of dinosaurs at the moment! She turned out to be a little scared of the display, but we found an activity table which was set up for making clocks. E thought this was a great idea, so we sat and drew round the circular template, cut it out, then I got B to help her do the rest: cut out the hands, and attach them using a butterfly clip. I watched him show her how to find the centre of the circle by folding it horizontally and vertically – clever! He then put marks for the numbers round the edge, and she wrote them on. I thought they were doing well, until I noticed she was numbering anti-clockwise!!! Oh well. She was fine doing 1-9, then went a bit confused for the last 3. She hasn’t yet put double digits together with the names of the numbers she knows. So she’ll read ‘one-one’, but can’t say that it is eleven, for example. H meanwhile had wanted to join in the fun, so asked me to draw a dinosaur, she named this daddy. Then I had to add a baby and a mummy dinosaur to the picture. Then she picked up the clock hands, so we cut one out, and attached it with a butterfly clip to the picture, so she could move it round to point at each dinosaur! She proudly showed this off saying ‘look at my clock’!!

After the bank we had a quick nose round town. We’d decided to look for a bucket of dinosaurs for H from ELC, and came away with a metal suitcase of them! She carried them round for the rest of the day, so that was a good buy with her xmas money!! I then dragged them over to Waterstones as there are several books I’ve had my eye on. We bought ‘365 things to make and do’ and ’50 science things to make and do’ to give some ideas to fill up our days! I got an ebay purchase through yesterday which was science experiments with water, which E has already nosed through and wants to do them all NOW, so think we are going to be playing with water next week!!

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