day 12 – that friday feeling

17 Jan

Didn’t get round to blogging last night – collapsed into bed at 8pm!! We had another busy day, we went swimming in the morning, which was fantastic. E used to absolutely hate going swimming, and would cling like a limpet to me every time we went, so when I stopped working back in April it was one of my top priorities to go swimming weekly and try and get her to enjoy it! I bought the Usborne ‘How to teach your child to swim’ book, and we set to work (!) playing loads of games in the bath, and going swimming regularly, and gradually her confidence improved. Unfortunately since she started school its something we’ve stopped doing as there never seemed to be a good time to go. Luckily she was totally into it yesterday but had regressed slightly in that the last few times we’ve been she was just getting to the stage where she could take hands and feet off the bottom and splash herself along in her first attempts at ‘swimming’. She’d lost that knack this time, and told me she was disappointed that she couldn’t do that anymore, so we’ve made an agreement that we’ll go swimming every week so she can learn again!!

H has always been a very physical little person, and is very good at climbing, balancing and generally jumping off things – eek!! Which is totally different to her big sister, who at the same age wouldn’t even attempt a slide at the park, let alone jump off anything! They are very different little beings! H absolutely loved it yesterday, and headed straight for the slide in the pool, so I had to immediately leg it round to catch her at the other side!! She was full of confidence and was continually wanting to get about and explore. The pool is a fab one for little ones, very shallow, and full of water mushrooms, fountains, bubble jets etc. She started a fab game of jumping off a little shelf in my general direction and wasn’t perturbed at all at landing in the water herself. E watched her do this, and decided she should join in or lose face, but had to be touching my hand before she would jump! We’d gone with a friend and her 2 daughters, the eldest, C, is a few months older than H, and is not very confident going into the water. It took her a while, but helped by H’s confidence, C was soon following her around, playing the jumping-off-the-shelf game, and playing catch with the ball we’d taken to play with.

From swimming we went to our local farm shop to pick up our fruit and veg for the week, and picked up some stuff for lunch, and met up with our swimming friends to eat then headed off to a toddler group. This is a group I’ve been going to fairly regularly with H, so she was quite at home, but E had never been so it took her a little while to get settled, and did her usual cling while she watched everything, then got into the swing of things. There were lots of very little ones there this week, so it wasn’t that fun for her :-/

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