day 11 – busy busy busy

15 Jan

The day started off excitingly with only vapours left in the petrol tank and no milk in the house – leading to a nail biting crawl to the petrol station before we could have breakfast!

We made packed lunches before heading off to an NCT baby group which I help run every now and then, but usually not with 2 children in tow :-/ They were really well behaved and E was happy to help me set out all the mats and toys, and they thought the stash of biscuits were even better!!

We went home briefly before heading out again to a midwife appt. E and H watched, mesmerised, as I had armfuls of blood taken! E is very aware that baby is ever more imminent, but it has led to lots of talking about months of the year, and which month baby is due. Need to put a calendar up so she can visualise it all more easily.

We got home and collapsed in a heap, but it wasn’t long before they were both busy again. H thrust a series of books at me to read to her, mainly featuring the dinosaur book she is fixated with at the moment. E then suddenly decided we needed to make sock puppets NOW, so she ran off to find suitable socks – uh oh. She came back with a random one of B’s and a brand new one of hers, so she had to re-find another one!! We then spent a happy time gluing foam shapes to the socks. They probably won’t stick well (we’ve left them to dry), so I will no doubt have to come up with new ideas for sock puppets tomorrow!

B has been away for the last 2 nights, so we were all pleased to see him! First thing H demanded was to see dinosaurs on his computer!!

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