Day 10 – we’re all exhausted!

14 Jan

For the first time in ages, both E and H were asleep by 7.30pm, they’re as exhausted as I am! When at school E always had too much energy left at the end of the day so we used to have to drag ourselves out in the late afternoon to ‘exercise’ her so she’d get to sleep at a reasonable time to cope with the next school day. The past 10 days (generally) have left me with 2 very tired children – yessss! My excuse is the sudden realisation that I’m 30 weeks pregnant!

This morning was pretty uneventful. They were both happy playing until about 10.30, mixture off Mr Potatohead, our old electric keyboard, books and sticklebricks. Eventually E asked if there was something else to do as I’d mentioned that I’d had an idea. So we got out a mixing bowl, a deep baking tray, a pot of rice, some funnels, spoons and bits of play tea set, and set them to work playing, pouring, feeling, generally making a mess!! This was an idea prompted by a friend watching H systematically pouring several cups of water/juice all over her table yesterday – oops! Yes, she’s into pouring stuff at the moment! They were contented enough with the rice that I managed to get the dishwasher packed and unpacked, washing maching unloaded and loaded again, and the main surfaces cleaned – bonus!!

They took a break for a bit, then went back to the rice while I made lunch. E watched how I’d swept the rice up with my hand, back into the tray when I was trying to tidy, so had a go at doing that herself, which didn’t result in too much more going on the floor!!

We then got ready to go to a local HE group, which we’d been to once before for about an hour before xmas when we were seriously considering HE, and I had to race E there from school, persuading her to change out of her uniform before we went so she didn’t look a complete freak!!! They both had so much fun there today, and we’ve come home armed with lots of chromotography patterns, a bead necklace, and some scribbles (H’s contribution!). They ran around like loonies for most of the time, and spent quite a while outside too, so all in all quite a fab afternoon! E even did some letter writing and phonics practise without realising it when she decided to write a note to her friend and had to work out how to write her name!

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