day 8 – a new week

12 Jan

Today E managed to stick to my edict that we should all get dressed before breakfast, but I didn’t. D’oh! I ended up supervising a painting session while still in pyjamas. E said it was ok, I could wear my apron so I didn’t get dirty!!

She decided over breakfast that we needed to make ‘Rockin’ Robins’, another she’d seen on Tikkabilla or something – TV’s a bad influence!! She’d wanted to start making them last night as I was trying to get them somewhere near bed-time – why does she come up with these ideas at such awkward times?! All we needed was paper plates and brown paint… well we had one but not the other, so to start with our robins were purple, then after leaving them to dry we came back to add the red tummy. E covered the whole thing in red, so got upset at it, so she started again on a new one, this time not waiting for the purple to dry before starting on the red…and she made brown!! She was very chuffed!! H then joined in, and the session descended into painting chaos with them both painting over the newspaper we’d laid on the table.

We moved onto reading our stash of library books we got out over a week ago and hadn’t touched – oops! A Squash and a Squeeze by the same people who did the Gruffalo etc, we love those books! Then we moved onto a book on Dinosaurs that E had picked out randomly, and we looked through it while she asked lots of questions about each page. We had a conversation recently about why dinosaurs aren’t here anymore, and we’d said things like ‘dinosaurs and people had never been alive at the same time, otherwise they would have eaten us’! This came back to haunt my several times during today’s conversation. E expressed amazement that there were pictures of dinosaurs underwater – a friend pointed out today that these weren’t technically dinosaurs, so I think I need to do some background reading! – and some with feathers! She was fascinated by the pictures of archaeologists/paleantologists uncovering fossils from rocks, so we had a short talk about rock formations, and also about how close to where we live big fossils had been found. She enjoyed listening to all their names, and all the different types: some tall, some with spikes on their backs, some with spikes on their nose etc etc. H found it all equally fascinating, she became focussed on a particular page where lots of smaller dinosaurs were attacking a large one – delightful! Then H moved onto the pictures of dinosaur eggs and the baby dinosaurs – a favourite subject of hers at the moment, stemming from her love of the Happy Feet film, where the baby penguins hatch out of the eggs.

This afternoon we had lots of friends over, and made chocolate pizza sticks, then enjoyed the fruits of our labours 😉 I also asked help with teaching myself to knit, so I can then, in time, teach E. We spent a happy time watching me make a complete hash of casting on etc., and I have been left with a practise row to finish!!

E once again came up with wonderful ideas to do right before bedtime, so we said we are going to start a list of things that E wants to do, but can’t do right away. E dashed off to get pen and paper to get started on the list, which she of course wanted to write! This led to a big session on practising her letters as she got stuck on the letter ‘n’, as we were just sounding them out before trying to work out how to write them, rather than the weekend’s exercise of copying what I’d written. She gave up on the list, and suddenly wrote the letter ‘k’, and danced around proudly showing us that she’s written a ‘kicking kuh’ as apparently she couldn’t write one before. I tentatively asked what other letters she could write, and we went through the alphabet, not quite in order, but practised them all, and there are really only 4 or 5 she’s not quite got, but she is happy for me to write them down so she can see them and attempt them again herself. When we finally got to ‘z’, I said ‘I bet you can’t write z-o-o’, which of course she did, and she went round singing ‘zoooo’ and was very proud she’d written a real word all by herself!

E then wandered up to bed muttering about making a calendar, which we ended up doing before she would get pyjamas on – this involved her drawing circles on a piece of paper, she then put a tick in the first box so she ‘wouldn’t forget what month we’re on’. I think this stems from the daily question ‘is it my birthday today?’, unfortunately it’s months away, so she’s got a long wait!!

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