day 6 – Le Weekend

11 Jan

I wasn’t sure how weekends would effect our week, as in would we just revert to normal with B around all the time, or would we continue encouraging E to do lots of activities as and when she felt like it.

It turns out we’ve done a bit of both. Saturday means a lie-in for me (hooray!) so I usually get woken when B feels I’ve had long enough lazing around by sending E and H to jump on the bed! E had come in very excited after finding a bag of clothes I’d got from Freecycle ages ago and had completely forgotten about. She had a fun time trying different outfits on then running down to show her Dad before returning for a change of costume and dancing around infront of the mirror!

B and I were trying to have breakfast while E had decided she wanted to play with her newly made playdough in the play room. Rather than have to sit on a kiddy chair in there eating my toast, she brought it all through to the kitchen. I asked her to bring through a plastic sheet to put on the table, and she crossly told me she was just getting it – there’s a first for everything!!

She moved onto playing on the cbeebies website, and asked if she could print some pictures off to colour in, so she spent a happy doing that, while I got myself showered, dressed and vaguely on the ball.

I then realised E had a party to go to after lunch, and as usual hadn’t got anything sorted. I suggested we make birthday cards by printing off some more cbeebies pictures and sticking them to some card, so she went for this with gusto. I found the card and we stuck the pictures on, then started writing in them. We had lots of card-writing practise at xmas so she knew what she was doing, and had written ‘To’ in the card before I’d even sat down! It was a joint party, so we had 2 cards to do. We decided who was getting which card, and I chose to write the names down on a piece of paper for her to look at while she was writing. In hindsight I think this probably complicated everything and she would have been better off working out what letters she needed, and me helping her with individual letters, as she only gets stuck on a few now, rather than giving whole words for her to copy.

She wrote the whole card:
To X
Happy 5th Birthday
from E

She’d learned during the xmas card writing that she could vary the size of her letters to fit the space in the card, so she did really well this time round. The second card was more tricky as she’d run out of enthusiasm for the whole exercise, not helped by H scribbling on her work halfway through so we had to start again on new card 😦 This time I wrote the happy birthday bit and E did the to and from bits. Then I had a flap because I didn’t have any envelopes so we decided to make some, which E thought was a fab idea! She’s still figuring out the art of dealing with sellotape, but we did a good job. I’m no artist, so the envelopes were literally a3 paper folded in half and taped down the sides!!

Party was a brilliant success – E loved seeing all her friends, and they didn’t bat an eyelid at seeing her (she’s only missed a week of school so far), and no awkward questions were asked! Phew!

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