Day 5 – Phew, we made it to friday!

09 Jan

Our day was back to front today compared to the rest of the week, we had the mad ideas and learning in the late afternoon, and a chilled morning. We had friends coming over to play late morning, and luckily postman arrived early a brought with him one of my random ebay purchases – beatrix potter dvd, which is really beautifully done and true to the original books and their illustrations – a long way from what has happened to Winnie the Pooh since disney got their sticky hands on it!! E and H sat down to watch that so I had a chance to reset the house before it could be trashed again when the friends arrived!!

The blog so far has focussed on E and her learning, but with E being distracted with her friends over, H and her friend were more free to show what they can do! Their mum has been a ‘little concerned’ about her little one’s speech – H and little one both turned 2 last month. Her mum and I have a *healthy* competition going on between us, as her little one started walking really, really early, while H continued to not bother til way after her 1st birthday. Now the tables have turned (!!!!) and H started talking quite a few months ago, and is now on pretty long sentences for a 2 yr old, compared to those babies I know of the same age, little one on the other hand has only recently started coming out with words. I had a delightful note through from the HV this week, enclosing a sheet on what a 2 yr old should be able to do, which apparently replaces the 2 yr check – gotta love the NHS 😉 My friend, C, was interested to know what her little one should be doing, and to reassure herself about her speech. The sheet said a 2 yr old should have about 50+ words, so C sat down and started writing down all the words she knew her little one could say. This continued all morning, and into the afternoon (she doesn’t give up easily!!), and finally realised she had way over 70 words, and hopefully will stop fretting now!!!!

H gave us a shock last night when she was reading a book of hers, and started counting some things on one of the pages. She has been able to count to 10 for quite a while, but last night she got to 10 and carried on going, while we sat open mouthed. She got up to 15 on her own!! She constantly amazes me. We were reading a thomas the tank engine book today, and she started pointing out all the characters to me, with names – I didn’t realise she knew them!! She got a bit confused between thomas and edward though, as they are the same colour – don’t blame her for that!!

H has recently clocked onto nursery rhymes, now she has the vocab to join in, so has quickly learned a good array of them, and when we do new ones, she watches how I’m saying the words very closely and very quickly learns them herself. Today she was learning ‘see saw, marjorie daw’, and in the bath she was making me birthday cakes from which I had to blow the candles out, while she sang happy birthday. Up until today she has sung ‘happy to you’, but this evening she came out with the full words, I was very impressed! She’s like a sponge at the moment!

Hubby, B, came home early today, so the girls got to spend a bit of time with him, which was a nice treat. E had been wanting to make playdough since yesterday, but I had to make a late night trip to the supermarket to make sure I had all the ingredients for today. We finally got round to doing it this afternoon, it was incredibly easy to make (i’ve never made it before, always used the bought stuff), though I skimped on the food colouring so its turned out a rubbish non-colour. They both then did a big playdough session, as E had got lots of new playdough tools etc for xmas, lots of fun!! For the first time ever, E carefully put all the playdough away, rather than leaving it around to dry out – wow!!

E then found 2 hand puppets and decided to use the theatre we’d made for the spoon puppets yesterday for a new puppet show.

During our dinner, E was talking about the bowls she and H had, saying H’s was plastic and hers was glass. I corrected her saying it was made of china not glass, and she carried on telling us that if you dropped it on the floor it would break into lots of pieces like glass. We then talked about what china was. She knew what clay was, but was interested in how it went from the sticky clay she’s seen, to being hard, shiny and painted. We were wracking our brains to think if there was a pottery near us, and I remembered seeing one advertised fairly locally, so E and I went off to look at their website. It showed someone throwing a pot and also people painting their own pots, then a picture of the finished articles, and she very interested. Not quite sure what to do next, as still recovering from xmas, finance wise, so can’t really run off and pay for her to throw lots of pots and paint them. Am thinking of ringing them tomorrow to see what stuff they do there, and how much it costs, and wonder if it is something that can be put off ’til next weekend :-/

Can’t believe we’ve made it through to friday!! B got an email today from E’s former headmistress today asking how E was getting on. I’m not sure how B has replied!!!

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