day 3 – it all went horribly wrong!

07 Jan

Today was always going to be a very busy day. Everything HE in gloucestershire appears to happen on wednesdays for some reason?! We had been invited/recommended by friends to try a french club in the hippy town near us (!) for 4-7 yr olds, eldest hasn’t really had much contact with languages yet, she’s got that there are different countries, thanks to my parents being based in the US and my brother currently on world-wide travels, so we have been following his trip on our big map, but she hasn’t really understood that people in other countries can’t speak the same language as us – not helped by travelling all the way over to the US to speak the same way!!! Her first run in with french came over the weekend when we first trialled Education City, which had a selection of games based on literacy, maths, sounds & letters, french and spanish. Of all the games to choose she went with french. It was quite interesting, watching her take it all on board, but had little meaning for her I guess.

Anyway, we planned to go to the french club, starting at 9.10 (sharp intake of breath!), meaning we had to leave at about 8.30 (even sharper in take of breath!) in the morning. Eldest was very excited, and had got her clothes ready the night before so she could dress quickly so we could get going in time! All went fairly well, we got out of the door vaguely on time, and drove out passing all her old school friends on their way to school, hoping against hope she didn’t say anything!!! Luckily the moment passed without comment!

French club was quite friendly, in a little arts cafe, and all the kids seemed quite chilled out, but eldest took a long time to relax enough to sit down with everyone else, and never joined in – but this is normal behaviour for her, she just sits and watches and listens. It will be interesting to see if she comes out with any interesting observations tomorrow. Meanwhile her little sister is loving it, and is joining in with all the action songs! Funny how two sisters can be so completely different!

We left with eldest vowing never to go again (sigh!), and by the time we got home she was in a foul mood, with nothing right – cue massive tantrum over the type of sandwich I made as a quick snack. I refused to remake sandwiches (eek!), and eventually she calmed down and ate the ones I had made! Had made her a hot chocolate as a peace offering and she enjoyed this too…this comes into play later!!

She asked to play on cbeebies as she wanted to find all the games she’d watched her friends playing on the day before, and we had fun making a ‘cbeebies me’ of her, and getting her to dance on boogie beebies. Then decided to get on with lunch as all the de-tantrumming had put us behind schedule, as we had arranged to try out an HE group in another nearby town in the afternoon. Quickly made lunch while eldest decided to ‘help’ by choosing that moment to request a junk modelling session!! So I juggled helping her with that, and making sandwiches, which of course she refused to eat, but hey! She stormed off, and left me to fret over making a ‘snack to share’ at this group – arggghhh, is it just me who never knows what to take to these things?! Plumped for popcorn as it is mega easy to make and take, and could put aside some for kids to eat on the way. Eldest decided to reappear just as I wanted to bundle them in the car, and asked for popcorn and a yoghurt. So had to wait while they both tucked in before reattempting the car bundling operation!!

The HE group turned out to be a big hit, am going to have to get used to the randomness of fellow HE-ers (!!!!!), but it was actually quite fun in the end, once we had got over the fact that we had to drive a mile down the road to Tesco to use the toilet, as the scout hut-venue had frozen toilets!!!! We have come home with a pile of paintings produced by the girls, will see if any of these make it on to the wall tomorrow 😉

When we got home (it started snowing as we were leaving – lush!!), little one wanted to chill out in front of a dvd (telly addict!), while we continued the junk modelling downstairs, which led to making a wooden spoon person, complete with googly eyes, pipecleaner mouth, matchstick ears, and wool hair, and 2 random shiny bits stuck to the back for good measure! Little one then reappeared covered in chocolate looking very pleased with herself. After cleaning her up (showed her her reflection in the bathroom mirror and she thought it was fantastic!), went upstairs to inspect the damage – turned out she had managed to find a paintbrush in our sitting room (???), and had also found the empty cup of hot chocolate (see above!), and had put the two together and painted her hands and face…I love my children, honest, but they drive me crazy!!!

Horrific morning, but half decent afternoon!

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