day 2 – still catching up!

07 Jan

No new snow today 😦 but at least the snowman has survived, and there is threat of more snow tomorrow!

We had a lie in today, so day started a bit later, but we still got lots done! Eldest started off asking to do more ‘experiments’ – think this has become her word of the week! She appeared clutching a play saucepan full of pieces of chalk and lots of paper and told me to come downstairs RIGHT NOW!! We sat round the table in our playroom, and were given a sheet of newspaper and chalk and had to draw a picture on the paper, then she brushed over the picture with a blusher brush which has somehow made its way into her collection of play things! I suggested the pictures might look better on coloured paper…which I happened to have in my hobbycraft stash! These were duly made, and stuck on the wall with all of yesterday’s work!

I’d had a flash of inspiration the day before about making pom poms, and had mentioned it to a friend to see if she’d done it with her girls, and she thought it might get too boring for them. I of course completely ignored this snippet of advice, and suggested the idea to eldest who was really excited, and helped me cut out the cardboard circles, as directed by a helpful webpage I found! We then got the yellow and pink wool out and got going. First length was too long, quickly worked out that shorter lengths of alternating colours worked best. Turned into a game, seeing how far across the room she had to walk to pull all the wool through the hole! When she got bored, little one joined in and thought it was great fun backing into her wendy house with the wool! We got about 1/4 done before we left it for the day!

She then got out a beaded photoframe kit which friends got her last xmas, I think. Its an intricate pattern that you glue, then stick teeny, tiny beads to. Its kept us going for a year now, and still got loads of it to do. We do it now then in short sessions, before it gets too frustrating for her, but she still goes back to it!! Anyway got a bit chaotic as little one wanted to join in the action so she was sticking some beads onto a piece of cardboard.

Think this was about the time that things descended into chaos as realised we needed to do lunch and get over to a friend’s house before they gave us up as a lost cause!! Eldest took the opportunity to strop the moment I said the words ‘hurry up we’ve got to have lunch and go’. That meant she had to go on an immediate go slow, and refuse to eat lunch and claim she didn’t want to go out anywhere ever. Need help on how to get round this as it happens quite often! Don’t say I need to be more organised – it’s never going to happen!!!

Spent afternoon juggling lots of children – adults were seriously outnumbered – never good! Eldest got lots of ideas of good games to find on cbeebies out of it, so look forward to exploring those with her. At the moment she sticks to a select few pages and isn’t really into clicking on things just to see what happens, she prefers to know what she’s getting herself into first, which requires me to figure which game would be best – which I’m not good at!

Phew day 2 went pretty well too!

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